A dirty car also harbours germs and bacteria particularly if the cabin is littered with food wrappings or is used to transport pets around. Keeping the interior clean makes it a much more pleasant and harmonious space for passengers. A regular car-cleaning routine also provides an opportunity to give your car a thorough check over, so that chipped paintwork and small areas of corrosion are spotted early and resolved before they become serious problems.

Our Mini Valet Includes

Pre Wash

Wheel Cleaner applied


Snow Foam

Hand Washed

Jet Washed

Hand Dried

Door Sills Cleaned

Seats Vacuumed

Footwells Vacuumed

Car Mats Vacuumed

Boot Vacuumed

Dash Polished

Steering Wheel Polished

Centre Console Polished

Door Panels Polished

Plastic Edgings cleaned with Detail Brush

Interior/Exterior Windows Cleaned

All Mirrors Cleaned

Tyres Dressed



Cars – £20

4×4/MPV – £24

Van – £25

Lorry – £40