Is your caravan, static caravan, motorhome, lorry, tractor looking run down and neglected?  we offer a range of cleaning and valeting packages to suit your budget requirements.

These vehicles are often overlooked, often because they are too large for most people to manage or because owners simply don’t have the equipment (or time) necessary to carry out a thorough clean.

Caravan – Large Vehicle Clean – from £40

During warm weather the road surface can disintegrate and small specks of tar are flicked onto your bodywork. These spots show up especially well on light coloured cars and can ruin otherwise perfect paint. We use a tried and tested tar remover which will also remove adhesive residues, fuel stains from paintwork and tree sap safely but effectively.

Tar and glue removal – £8

First we start by boxing up anything left in the car, cd’s books, clothing and anything else we find hidden away, we then vacuum the full interior, carpets, seats, dashboard, brush out air vents & door pockets to remove all loose debris and dirt, we then vacuum out the boot area, and if easily accessible under the seats and in the spare wheel well, we then hand or wet-vac shampoo the seats and any areas of carpet that require cleaning. Whilst this is drying we clean any rubber floor mats (or shampoo any fabric ones) and clean and dress interior plastic/rubber. If the seats are leather we’ll carefully clean and nourish the leather with only the best leather care products from Autoglym, all interior windows will then be cleaned and polished and a final vacuum to ensure all remaining dust is removed.

Shampoo interior seats and carpets –  £15

Once your car has been thoroughly washed, using high quality paint cleaner or restorer, it is extremely important to then polish and wax it. The two processes are often confused, even by manufacturers. Polish is a mild abrasive which has a gentle sanding effect on the paintwork, whilst wax is a coating designed to fill microscopic dimples in the car’s paint and give it a shiny appearance.

Hand Polish and Wax – from £30

Clay bar Treatment from £30

Engine Bay Valet from £8

Leather Treatment from £8

Pet Hair Removal from £8




We can bespoke any package with the above treatments to suit your needs.


Individual treatments can be applied if need just contact us and we will quote for this.